Sitting at my sewing machine, I am calmed by its sound. It is a reassuring sound from my distant past. My mother supported the family with a machine like this, so it is not coincidental that I have come to be sitting here. Having spent most of my life painting on canvas, I have come to understand that canvas is fabric.
I have added two sewing machines to my paints and brushes. An industrial machine sews the paintings into 3-dimensioal reliefs; an embroidery machine draws onto them. Working in a series around a central concept, I paint, cut, draw and sew using darts, tucks and shirring to give them structure. Freed from stretchers the paintings take shape. They take the form of clothing, quilts, tents; they hang and drape.
Using traditional women's techniques, I experience a physical closeness with my materials bringing me closer to the creative process. My mind is filled with ideas and images from the physical universe to the human experience which fuel my work.
My work has been described as;
" Textural Abstractions" Rose Mancuso, Curator
"The viewer is lured into the artist's fantasy world. Colors are sensuous, shapes musical,billowing into luminous space." Dr. Vivienne Thaul Wechter, Curator
"The immense use of color nothing short of resplendent" Krista Rupe, Writer
As I paint and sew, I am aware of all those who have always created with pieces of cloth. I think of those in the past and present who clothe and support so many.